Age…More than a Number! It’s a Feeling..

So last night I decided to go out dancing with my lovely Sorors of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. Now before I go into what all happened let me say this.  For the last few day, 5 to be exact, I have been house bound because of this bloody Tennessee weather! The whole city of Nashville has been shut down, and this include the Metro Nashville Public School System.  So what does that mean for me? I don’t get to TEACH!!! I have been ready to get back to work since TUESDAY….TUESDAY I tell ya! Anywho, on with my story. *steps down off soapbox*

Ok, so I got dressed.  I called my Godsister and what like, “what I am gonna wear?”.  And what does this lil girl do!?  She begins to laugh at me and indicates that it has been “a while since you (Marla) have gone out”.  So I text her a picture of what I am wearing and she approves! What did I wear you ask…. A black and blue stripe sweater with dark denim jeans and black ballet flats….I mean I am going dancing!  My plan is to be relaxed, dressed comfortably, and ready to sweat (something that I REALLY need to do!).

So I go and pick up a friend of mine, now turned Soror and we head out to the downtown area. We get to the place and it’s pretty empty! Well…it’s 10pm and that’s the time the other people said to get there so that’s what I did! Around 11 – 11:30pm everybody begins to show up.  We are laughing, talking, catching up, and doing a little dancing. Then we ALL look to the middle of the floor and we behold a sight….4 young black women gyrating on one another on the dance floor.  This is when I begin to REALLY look at my soroundings….

  1. Downtown Nashville, TN
  2. Semi Club-ish Atmosphere
  3. Thursday Night
  4. The….I can’t REALLY call them ladies…but the women and young women alike dressed like….ummmm…not really dressed at all!!

I KNEW that at this point that I was feeling my age!! OH MY WORD!! The guys were dancing…NO that was NOT dancing at all!! It was SEX on the dance floor!  By this time (1 am) I was ready to go! But the DJ tricked me!!! He started playing some old school reggae, dancehall, and soca!! He did this for a complete 45 mins straight.  I was on Cloud 9!!! I went straight for the dance floor and danced those scantily dresses, women loving, females right off the floor! LOL LOL!!

Now I wasn’t the only person on the floor…there where about 3 other females with me and 2 guys! And I MUST say….we showed those people what REAL dancing is about!!! Now after that it was about 3:30am and my Sorors and I headed on out!

Now my story, rant…whatever you may want to call is complete! 🙂 And I will tell you now what I have learned…

  1. My Mummie/Daddy have taught me to ALWAYS be a lady in every aspect.  You will NEVER know when someone is looking at who you are and what you have on.
  2. As the song says, “People don’t dance no mo’…” all they do is have sex on the dance floor.  And today I had to call my NYC friend and true dance partner and we talked and laughed at all the Tom Foolery that takes place.
  3. I am getting older…I may not look it, but feel it maturity wise and I don’t mind it at all!

The singer Aaliyah had a song “Age Aint Nothing But a Number”.  She was correct in one aspect, but I have realized that it is NOT just a number, but is also a feeling!!! Amongst those “regular” Thursday night club goers I felt like someone’s mother…wanting to cover up the girls, telling the boys to calm themselves, and giving those drunken people some water!  But when I’m around my 3rd grade students I feel soooooo alive!!! My students, my children…they make me feel so young, alive, and free! And THAT’s the feeling of age that I will always cherish the MOSTEST! LOL

~Love, Peace, and SOOOOOOUL!

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