No Ketchup!?

So I’m leaving work and it’s snowing very badly outside, meaning all I feel like doing is curling up underneath the covers. This ALSO means I’m not going to cook.  So being extremely lazy I drove into McDonald’s (don’t judge me!). This is what happened.

Drive-thru Window Server: Welcome to McDonald’s. Would you like to try a 20 piece chicken McNugget for $1.99?

Me: No thank you. Can I please have a number 12 with a Sprite…lite ice? (a #12 is a Chicken McNugget meal)

Sever: A #12 with a Sprite lite ice? Anything else?

Me: No thank you.

(empty pause)

Me: (waits about 10 secs) *says to myself* ok sooooo what’s my total? *drives to window*

Sever: Good Evening Ma’am (I make a face…I don’t feel or look like ANYBODY’S ma’am) Your total is $5 blah blah blah..

Me: *hands over card* *gets card back and drives to 2nd window*

Sever #2: *in a non American accent* *smiles* Hello….what did you order?

Me: A #12

Server #2: ok…..hold on please i’ll be right back.

Sever #2: *hands me my food* What did you have to drink?

Me: *I look in my bag and there is no ketchup* A Sprite lite ice….and can I…….

Server #2: ok….i’ll be right back. *returns with my drink*

Me: Can I have some ketchup please?

Server#2: Can you wait here while I go get some? *leaves for about 5 minutes*  *come back* ummmmmm….*shows me 1 pack of ketchup*….ummmmmmm we only have 1 pack of ketchup.

Me: *gives my teacher look* You ONLY have 1 packet of ketchup?!

Server: Yes….

Me: ONLY one packet in the WHOLE ENTIRE STOOOOORE!?! *rolls up window and drives off*

How in the world is McDonald’s not going to have ANY ketchup in the ENTIRE store.  Well let me fix that…only ONE packet of ketchup in the ENTIRE store?!  McDonald’s you’ve GOT to do better!!!

~ Love, Peace, and SOOOOOOOUL!!!

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