Know, Grow, Sow – Part 1

I bet you are wondering what this title means.  Well let me tell you a little bit about “Know, Grow, and Sow”.  The church that I attend, Riverside Chapel SDA Church, has recently changed the way that we “think” and do things.  Our mission for Christ has changed!  Our mission is now to “Know God. Grow in God. Sow God’s Love”.  Now isn’t that amazing?!  When the Pastor, Pastor Furman F. Fordham, II, introduced this new mission I had NO clue just what he was getting at.  Let me break it down for you…

KNOW God through Bible Study

  • This is where you pursue a relationship with God.  This is where you can learn about His principles, promises, and plan of salvation.

GROW in God through a Spiritual Family

  • This the part that I love!! This where you can connect with as small group to enjoy Christian fellowship, receive spiritual support, and be accountable to apply God’s Word to life.  Shout out Marcella and Brian Watts, who are my small group leader!! They are !!!

and last BUT not least…

SOW God’s love through Ministry of Others

  • This is one of my favorite ones!!!!  This is when you befriend someone, encourage someone, and pray for someone!  You can share your life by a testimony and planting wonderful seeds of God’s love!! Special shout out to the E.G.G. Crew (Experience God’s Glory – Exodus 34:29)

Now just to make this clear….you do NOT have to be a member of my church to participate. I repeat……you do NOT have to be a member of my church to participate.

OAN: I have reached a point in my life where praise to God has turn into a WORSHIP!!

Sooooooo get out people and KNOW, GROW, and SOW!!!

~Love, Peace, and SOOOOOOOOUL!!!!

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