Family 101: The Importance

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This weekend was a special treat for me.  This weekend I was able to spend some time with people who are more than just friends…I consider them family.

Sharifa…the birthday girl!

One of the definitions that Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary gives for family is : a group of people united by certain convictions or a common affiliation.

This weekend some of my family were able to come together and celebrate the “25th” birthday of our DivaSTating Sister, Sharifa!

We laughed.  We danced.  We ate.  We had fun!!

Remember readers: Family doesn’t have to be blood!

My sisters and I!

Whether you create your own family unit or use the one you have, it is vital to your well-being that you have these close relationships in your life. The life with your family is very important it plays a major role in your development into the person you become.  

~Love, Peace, and SOOOOOOOUL!! 

If you liked the pictures that were taken please contact my brother at the information below: 

DrawRay Event Photography & Design

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