31 Days until 31: Birthday Bookdrive

Last year for my birthday I did something very different.  Instead of throwing a big party for my 30th birthday I did something for my students, who I love oh so much.

For my birthday last year I had a 30th Birthday – Book Fundraiser.  I raised money for my birthday to help my students.  I raised a little over $300 and was able to purchase 4-5 books for all my first grade students. 

This is I would LOVE to do the same thing.  You see  I am a teacher in the inner city. I LOVE what I do and I LOVE my students. Again this year I wanted to dedicate my birthday to my 1st graders. I want to purchase them all 3 -5 books so they can have at home.

I have 31 Day before I turn 31 years old.  In these 31 day I would like to raise AT LEAST $300 for purchase books for my students.  Now I can’t do this by myself.  I am asking the help from all of my readers and followers…and tell all of your friends, family, and coworkers too! 🙂

Now I know that we are going through a recession at this moment, but ANYTHING will help! Donations large or small are welcome!

Again any size donation is welcomed and appreciated, but let’s go BIG and let the children know that we care about them and their education. If we all work together, we can send off a HUGE donation as a birthday gift to my Fantastic 1st Grade class. Even just a few dollars will help!

So let’s help me to celebrate my 31st birthday and send my students the BEST. GIFT. EVER…. BOOKS!!

To contribute to this wonderful cause please click the link below!

31 Days until 31: Birthday Bookdrive

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