Day 1 – Thanksgiving Challenge

So my day is over and all I can think about right now is my bed. But I can’t go to sleep right now.

Tomorrow at work my First Grade Team is hosting a baby shower for our very pregnant teammate.  I am in charge of making the fruit tea and bringing bottle water.  Well I went to Kroger and purchased the bottle water and I then bought the necessary ingredients to make the fruit tea.

The fruit tea is done, BUT I still can’t go to sleep.  I am supposed to be tutoring a young man in College Algebra, BUT he’s (at this moment) 50 mins late. *le sigh*

So today…I am thankful for a JOB! lol

In this economy there are some people who are without a job.  Not only do I have a job, but I have a CAREER!

So again I will say…I am thankful for for my CAREER!

~Love, Peace, and SOOOOOOOUL!! (and Thankfulness)

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This is a place for me to reflect on things that are happening in my life.  I might just be one person in this big world of ours, but I'm one person that's on a mission... Life:: the sequence of physical and mental experiences that make up the existence of an individual. Life is a funny thing.  It is forever changing and as it changes so will I.

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