Is This the End of Your Serious Relationship?

Have you every been dating someone and then… hear these words…

“I think it’s time that we see other people.”


Well, another relationship book enters the crowded field of couples intrigue. This book Am I In A Bad Relationship? written by Atlanta psychiatrist, Dwight A. Owens gives a simplistic, clinical look at why we do what we do and how to discover the secrets to a happy, healthy relationship. Equally as captivating as Fein and Schneider’s The Rules, readers can look forward to some real answers to Am I In A Bad Relationship.

In his book Am I In A Bad Relationship? Dating 101 He will also share with you:

  • Relationship Survival Tips in the Twenty-First Century
  • Ten Ways to be a Better Lover in your Next Relationship
  • Daily Romantic Tips/Activities to Keep the Relationship Alive
  • Strategies to Avoid Relationship Pitfalls


Dr. Owens, creator of the popular blog “AskDr” brings his ‘A’ game with his quick wit and understanding of relationships. With this writing; to the point and memorable he staves off the stereotypes of male-female negative relationship patterns.

What’s the truth about your relationship? Are you willing to reveal the secrets of your relationship? Are you in a bad relationship or one that could use some tweaking?

Follow Dr. O at www.AskDrO.comfor more juicy relationship tidbits. AskDrO is a vehicle that allows insurers, nurses, doctors, and most importantly, patients, to express themselves. The effect: steamy debates which increase the appeal of the blog. Dr. O is dedicated to debunking myths, uncovering truths in the media, and providing insight into even the most complex relationships known to man.

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