My Love Hate Relationship with My Hair

*DISCLAIMER* I am still quite ill and haven’t gain full vision yet, so please excuse the typos in the posts that may be posted for a while. Thank you all very much 🙂 *

I really should be asleep right now, but I’m waiting for the pain meds to kick in…oh how I wish it would hurry the heck up!

Yeah I’m sure this post name has you wondering. Well here’s my issue, well actually I don’t have one. Anyway…I could care less about hair. There I’ve said it!! *wipes forehead*

I could really care less about hair since I’ve been sick because mine has fallen out some and has also gotten quite brittle.

Monday I shampooed it and had my baby cousin flat iron it. Tuesday I put it in a ponytail and cut off the ponytail. My hair is now in a short pixie style, but that was just the precut! By next week Monday I will be back bald!!

I mean shoot I can barely comb my hair now because my scalp is so tender since I’ve been sick. Let me tell you being sick is NO joke. I’ve already warned my Mummie. This woman has a thing for hair and detests the fact that I could care less.

As soon as I told her, she looked at me and rolled her eyes. She knew it was coming. I just wanted to warn her first. My SO is soooooo excited. He’s like “I’ll love you anyway babe! I bet you’ll look sexy!” smh…sexy is NOT what I’m going for. I’m going for low to NO maintenance.

Anyway….I can feel the meds working now. Thank you Jah for making the person who invented hair clippers, because it’s going DOWN!!

~Love, Peace, and SOOOOOUL!!!

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