32 for 32: Birthday Bucket List – checking things off!

So we are in the last few days of the year 2013 and since October 29, 2013 (my 32nd birthday) this is what I have done with my Birthday Bucket List.


       #14. Go visit my family in Jamaica
      #15.  Go visit my family in Canada
      #17. raise over $3000 with my Annual Bday Book Drive for my 1st/2nd grade students (or as close to it as possible)

#14.  In September of this year my dearest Grandmother, aka Momma, died.  We usually go home (Jamaica) every December for Christmas and to celebrate her birthday (Dec. 27). It was a bitter sweet time…below are some pics.

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#15. November was great! Another mini family reunion, this time on my Mummie’s side of the family.  My Great Aunt, Auntie Vad, was turning 90! Boy did we PARTY!!

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#17.  This year I raised almost $2,000 to purchase books for my students.  Instead of people celebrating my 32nd birthday by giving me presents, I asked for them to donate the money to my students so that I can buy them books so that they could start a personal library at home.  This year I extended the recipients to students at my church who have done well in school.  At the moment I am creating a video for this event.

More to come…
~Love, Peace, and SOOOOOUL!!!

Meri Jaan
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