Moving To China – 17 days and today I cried

So I’ve been knowing that I was going to move to China since April of this year.

My emotions have ranged from nervous to scared to neevouscited. But today was different…

I childhood, high school, college, and past coworker came to town for her beau’s LB’s (line brother), which also happens to be her Frat brother, birthday party!

This morning I got to spend a few hours with the both of them at their hotel before their city rendezvous and picture taking.

It was GREAT!

We talked about memories from our childhood, high school, college and adulthood.  I also got to seen the two of them in action together and proved why they are awesome for eachother.

Her beau took our pics, so I could have some to put up in my new apartment in China…then it happened.  Ginger began to cry!! I was screaming on the inside.


I had made it this far without crying and now I might start.  Like this was one of those “Color Purple” cries when Celie and Nettie were being separated.

Mind you she was doing all the crying and I was wiping her face.  This all changed when I said my final “see you laters” and went to Starbucks.  With my coffee in hand I began to think and then it happend…

I began to cry.

I allowed myself to open up to my emotions that were bottled up and cried.  I called Ginger and we both began to weep on the phone.  I’m crying a bit now actually.

It’s ok though because I’m sure that between now and Aug 5 there will be more tears.

BTW: 17 more days left!

~Love, Peace, and SOOOOOUL!!!

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12 thoughts on “Moving To China – 17 days and today I cried

  1. Wow. Okay. Well if you ever want to reach out, I’ve been teaching internationally for 8 years but this will be my first time in China. Sending off my visa paperwork tomorrow. This has been the only assignment that I’m nervous about paperwork. Good luck to you.

    1. That would be great! Just heard back from the people an hour ago and they received my visa application.

      8 years?! Oh wow. Where will you be in China?

  2. Marla! This is so exciting, I’m so proud of you. I cried so much when I prepared to leave but it’s so great to know that you always have a support network. Cant wait till you arrive girl! xo

    1. Kaila!!! I’m so glad that we’ve connected. Today was even worse. I went to FedEx to send off my visa paperwork. Hyperventilating crying! It felt so final. Oooooweee Jesus be a fence. Can’t wait to see you mija!

  3. I haven’t read through all of your blog yes so I apologize of this has been answered but is this your first time teaching internationally and moving abroad?

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