Bummin’ it in Boracay | Day 1 & 2

When I told my cousin Robert that I was moving to China, the first piece of advice that he gave me was “Say yes to everything!”.  I thought he was crazy at first, but I promised him that I would do just that.

Before I even left The States, my girl Kisha was like “Marla what are we gonna do for Chirstmas?” I expained to her that I’m new to thing international teaching gig thing and anything she planned or suggested I would do. So with that my trip was planned…India.  A few weeks before getting on the plane, Kisha says to me “MARLAAAAA…our first break, I’m going to Boracay.” All I could do was to laugh beacuse I knew she meant we and not her. So even before she could even ask I said, “I don’t know WHERE that is, but YES!”

Thursday, Sep. 24

I made a decision that I was going to Boracay team carryon. So I took the bus after work to Decathalon with another coworker and bought a mountain backpack.  YES! Now I’m ready like Freddy!


Friday, Sep. 25

All day at work I was soooooooo hype! Like I was I drunk 2 litres of Mt. Dew! I was singing all day “It’s Friday” like Schrader saying “Ask me about my wiener!”

Funny thing is, I wasn’t packed!  So as soon as I got of the bus after worked, I ran walked as fast as my legs could take me home! I quickly packed the clothes and stuff I placed on my bed that morning, called my mum and walked to the taxi.

After the ferry ride to Hong Kong, met up with Kisha and we ate dinner.  What did we eat? you may ask….Poppeys Chicken! Dude that line so long, but it was soooooooo worth it!  *warning* the honey is NOT like it is in The States (stay away from it) and the hot sauce is actually red chilie sauce. The red chilie sauce, can someone say “AMEN”?! It has a sweet and spiciness going on, like me LOL!

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Saturday, Sep 26th

Finally made it to Boracay after a 5 hour layover in Manilla.  Right now I’m a bit upset sad.  I bought a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts and left them on the plane!

Today Kisha and I met up with a fellow Nomadness Tribe member, Alana and took the ferry to Boracay.  As soon as we all got to our hotels we slept.  Well Kisha and I slept for live 5 hours, but Alana went to walk around.  We all linked up for dinner around 7ish at some dive and the live music was great and so was the food.

After dinner we walked to the Boom Boom Room.  Now it’s actually spelled Bom Bom Room, but whatever.  We had some drinks and waited for a friend of Kisha’s who’s a musician, Aye.  OMG! The band was AWESOME!!

Fillipinos have an infautation with Jamaican culture and that’s great for me, since I’m Jamaican.  They sang reggae all night and I was in HEAVEN! Now they did add in a few other requests and those were good too.  I can now say that I have “family” in Boracay too!

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Sunday, Sep 27th

Kisha and I woke up and missed the hotel breakfast.  But let me tell you that Kisha is MAD famous around these parts.  She has made so many connections here from last year, and I’m just walking in her footsteps.  Even though we missed the Baby Gap breakfast, they brought us some to our room.  *side note* Baby Gap = small (Kisha lingo).

After our Baby Gap breakfast we went for lunch at the Sunny Side Cafe around 12:00pm.  Jesus be a fence…that food was like manna sent from heaven!

After lunch we hit the beach. We swam and kicked it with our Boracay “family”.  Kisha introduced us to Joey and the other Pirates…wonderful people that are now “family”.  We arranged for a boatride and BBQ with Joey for the next day.

We watched the sunset and yes I did cry a bit.  This is life! This is the way Jah intended for us to live our life…no worries, no cares, and love for our fellow man.

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~LovePeace, and SOOOOOUL!!!

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