Shakin’ Life in Boracay|Day 3, 4 &5

So we have been very busy here in Boracay.  Our girl Alana has now left and is back in S. Korea, but Kisha and I are still living that Boracay life.

Monday, September 28

So Sunday we made plans with Joey and the Red Pirates to go on the boat to a private beach.  So Kisha, Alana and I get up and get ready and it begins to rain.  Joey came by our hotel room and let us know that we will sail out later because of the heavy rains.

So we decided to chill and get something to eat at the Tree House Bar.  We ate until our hearts we content.  We also dicussed our plans for next year.  Our plans are to leave Aisa. We are all in agreement that we would like to be around more people who look like us.

Anywho…lunch is over and we head to the beach to just chill until the boat ride.  It begins to rain some more and Alana decides that she doesn’t want to ride in the rain, so it’s just Kisha and I.

The best boatride EVER!!! The ride there was so peaceful.  We sat on the wings of the boat: me on the left and Kisha on the right.  Now getting on the boat was an event in itself. lol! One of the pirates had to hoist me up on the boat!

So after the hour ride, we make it to the private beach. One word: WONDERFUL!  Kisha and I swim for a bit and have some wonderful red and yellow watermelon cocktails. After about 5 of them and a quick swim and “photo shoot” we get back on the boat and head for home.

We make it back to the home shore and go kick at the Red Pirates and we have a wonderul BBQ dinner prepared by one of Red Priates, Odell (YAAAAAAAAAAASSSS! inside joke).  The food was great! The drinks were great! The atmosphere was great! We were with our Boracay family.

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Tuesday, September 29

Today was my Mummie’s birthday, so I called her butt early in the morning and Kisha and I sang “Happy Birthday” to her.

After singing “Happy Birthday” we headed to the beach. I love laying in the sun…getting darker.

Today was such a lazy day. We did abosolutly NOTHING! However, today is the day that our lives changed.  We decided to eat at our friend’s place for pizza, Pasquale.  We call him Luigi.  He’s Italian and loves chocolate women.  Based of him, I’m under the impression that Italians love chocolate women…maybe I need to move to Italy.

So back to the story. We order a cheese pizza from Luigi and he tells about these “beef” skwers that he has, so we order two.  OMG! The best meat that we have ever tasted, so juicy and marinated well.  So good that we order two more.  By the end of the night we are on order number three.  Then our priate friend, Paul, tells us “hey sisters, that pork.” We scream “WHAAAAAAAAAAT!? This is not! Luigi told us it was beef.”  We go ask Luigi and guess what…we’ve been eating PORK all day!

Just a bit of info: Kisha and I are Adventist, so we don’t eat swine.  Swine ain’t fine! lol

Now I know what people eat pork.  That ish was good as a JUNT!! Lord, forgive me!

At sunset we did another “photo shoot” it was GREAT!

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Wednesday, September 30

Today was our detox and massage day.  Before the detox and massage we went to Sunny Side Cafe to eat.  Sharria hooked us UP!!

After food we went to Good Life Lifestyle Detox & Wellness Center for a detox treatment and a foot massage.  Now the detox we got was one of the foot detox, I would recommend this to everyone! After the detox we got a foot massage, 30 minutes on each foot. AMAZING!

After the detox and foot massage we went to Paradise Garden Massage for a full body massage.  In The States I had a membership to Massage Envy for 2 years and loved it.  I now have a massage membership to Lotus Spa in Shenzhen, China.  However, I go on record saying that the massage here in Boracay beats all of the massages I’ve ever had.  I fell asleep on the bed and was snoring as well!

After the massage we went to Coco Loco Bar & Restaurant for dinner.  We left there and got back to the hotel right before the downpour.

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~LovePeace, and SOOOOOUL!!!

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