Thoughts about life…

Being in Boracay and moving abroad has changed how I view a lot of things in life lately.

1. Everyone is NOT who they claim to be. When it all boils down those who are really for you will support and love you. Those ppl know your true character and will call/txt to ensure that all is ok.

2. Ohana, family, can be had everywhere. Family can be defined as “a group of people who are generally not blood relations but who share common attitudes, interests, or goals and, frequently, live together” and I’ve found that here living abroad only after 2 months. hmph…less time than in my last 11 years of life. Mind you, if I already consider family, you already know that means a LOT to me!

3. If you don’t know who you are or you can’t exist without an organization, then you are essentially nothing. Be a man/woman of great worth! Show people just how great you are! Trust me…people will see how great you are from your work NOT with what XYZ org you choose to affiliate yourself with. Took me getting deathly ill to learn this hard lesson.

4. Don’t take things personally. People are people. Sometimes people are kind and loving and then you have some people who have their own agenda and are wolves is sheep’s clothing. Remember that serpent in The Garden? He was one of Jah’s most beautiful creatures, yet he had a downright ugly inside. Beware!!

5. Now everyone knows I’d rather be barefoot, but the sturdy shoes that I brought to China has be destroyed by all this walking in China. Birthday present…*hint hint* shoes….flats and sandals are all welcomed. Size 9 1/2 and 10.

Marla, the nomad/travel blogger.

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This is a place for me to reflect on things that are happening in my life.  I might just be one person in this big world of ours, but I'm one person that's on a mission... Life:: the sequence of physical and mental experiences that make up the existence of an individual. Life is a funny thing.  It is forever changing and as it changes so will I.

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