Dear Chinese People | Part 1

Dear Chinese People,

Not all people of colour are natives of Africa. Also, not every person of colour has Ebola.

I know, I know. We all look don’t look alike.

Mr. and Ms. Airport Security it’s not necessary to ask for my passport every time you see me.  Mind you, you can ask, but may just ask the following questions…

  1. What are you looking for?
  2. Why do you need to see my passport/ID?
  3. Why are you not searching him/her?

Now we all remember the scare of 2014 with the Ebola outbreak.  Well here in China it seems as if the fear of Ebola is a present danger.

Signs still posted in China airports.

Even here in the city that I live you can still hear rumors of Ebola.  The issue is that it wasn’t Ebola that was the issue, it was Boca.

Take some time to read the information taken from the World Health Organization.

Key facts

  • Ebola virus disease (EVD), formerly known as Ebola haemorrhagic fever, is a severe, often fatal illness in humans.

Outbreak Update

Now, please notice that the Ebola outbreak is OVER! It is great to know that as a country China has been there to help with this epidemic!

As you go about your day please remember it’s not nice that all blacks are not treated the same.  Maybe on sight we are black, but if Chinese find out I am from a Western country, especially America, I MIGHT be treated better.  Again, this all depends.

With that being said…

  1. We all don’t look alike, 🙂
  2. Black people are from ALL over the world
  3. I don’t have Ebola…I haven’t even been to Africa yet, but I am going.
  4. Read about news happening outside of China.  This can and will help with the ignorance.

~LovePeace, and SOOOOOUL!!!

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