The Year of Yes!

So we are in the second week of the new year and those crazy New Year Resolutions.

If I see another one on FB or IG I’m gonna faint!

Honestly, do you have to wait until the New Year to change?! My new year began Oct 29th on my 34th birthday.

Before leaving The States my cousin gave me some of the BEST information ever. He said, “Marla say YES! Say YES to EVERYTHING. As long as it doesn’t send you to jail, say YES!”

That’s exactly what I have been doing…

So, technically August 2015 began the Year of Yes for me.  I just got bolder with my “YES” on October 29th and January 1st.

FYI, I did just find out that Shonda Rhimes just wrote a book, “Year of Yes”, which I knew NOTHING about.  I will be ordering this book digitally so that when I travel I can read.

Anywho…So here are some of the things that I am saying “YES” to…

  • vlogging on YouTube every other week
  • blogging on here and my teacher blog once a week
  • read a new book of leisure a month
  • read a new book (self help) and put into practice one thing learned.

That’s about it!  So I’m sure that you have come up with goals for the New Year.  Comment and share!

~LovePeace, and SOOOOOUL!!!

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