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*Note*: this was written last Thursday and got short because the power went out in the school building, THEN I got ill with the flu.  Sorry for the delay. 🙂

It’s lunch time and this post should have been written this morning when I first got to work, but my blogging mind turned off and my teacher mind turned on.

This morning on the way to work a thought came to mind.  I mean, this wasn’t a all of a sudden thought. This is something that I have come to notice within the last few month of moving from The States to China.  This is something that my cousin, Robert, told me would happen and like clockwork it has.


When you move abroad the relationship that you held so dear and near to you back home will fade.  Those people that said that they will check in with you and call you won’t. It may seem sad at first, but this is the time in you life when you will realize who your “friends” really are.

                                                This sums it up…

“Download WhatsApp!” is what I told my Godsister before I left. She indicated that she had JUST deleted the app because I took up too much space on her phone, but the next day I was getting a notification that she had just downloaded the app.  I called her, very excited mind you, for her to tell me

“Hey I had to download it…you’re my sister! I have to be able to talk with you even when you’re thousands of miles away!”

Now THAT’S love.  She’s not the only one! My Mum went a got an iPhone so that we could FaceTime and then she had my SIL to help her to download the app as well. One of my church members from Memphis sends me at least two Glide vids every week.

Don’t get me wrong, some people come in and out of your life for a reason and a season.  This is something that I remind myself daily. So, no worries. I’m not over here crying about lost friendships.  Those people who are supposed to be there will remain. Plus…this just means less souvenirs that I have to purchase on my travels. *evil laugh*


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