My India Adventure | Part 2: Mumbai – Goa

This post is long overdue.  Such is the life of an expat teacher and travel blogger.  I have this long list of what I need to be done and some items take precedence.

So let’s begin, shall we.

Day 1 

We arrived early in the morning to Mumbai.

After checking into our hotel at around 3 am we got a bit of sleep.

We woke up around 7am to go on a tour of Mumbai. We visited Gateway of India, Mumbai’s principle landmark. This arch of yellow basalt was erected on the waterfront in 1924 to commemorate King George V’s visit to Mumbai in 1911.

Do you see all of those crows!? There were crows EVERYWHERE! It was a bit scary.

We drove along the road and saw the Secretariat of Maharashtra Government and along the Marine Drive which is fondly known as the ‘Queen’s Necklace’.

We then continued our tour and visited Mani Bhavan.  This is where Mahatma Gandhi stayed during his visits to Mumbai.


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After visiting Ghandi’s Museme we continued our tour.  We then went to visit the ‘Dhobi Ghat’, an open laundry where Mumbai’s ‘dirties’ are scrubbed, bashed, dyed and hung out to dry.  This outdoor laundry is completely run by men.  The men pick up the laundry. After they then take the laundry to wash, starch, and press.  After cleaned, the men then deliver the clean linen back to the owners.


Later in that evening we were dropped at the Mumbai Airport to board our flight for Goa.

My girls and me with our tour guide we affectionately called Grandma!
Days 2 – 5

We made it to Goa!


After resting up a bit, in the afternoon we went on a tour to Old Goa visiting the Basilica of Bom Jesus wherein the mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier lie; walk across to the magnificent Se Cathedral that houses the famous Golden Bell. Afterwards we proceed to the temple of Mangeshi dedicated to Lord Shiva.

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To end our day we went to Panjim for a boat cruise on Mandovi River. Now to be honest we were told it was a “party boat”.  It wasn’t! It was a show on a boat on the Mandovi River. Something that, honestly I could have done without.


The next day was just a chill day. We spent the time exploring and going to the beach.

The next day would be a day that I will remember for the rest of my life.  Prayers were sent up that day! Jah answered and so did our ancestors.

We drove 7 hours to Karnataka to visit The Siddi People of India residing in Haliyal, Yellapur & Ankola.


Who are The Siddi People of India?

The Siddi People are Bantu people of sub-Saharan Africa.  They now exist as an ethnic group in various areas of India. These people were  brought by Arab and Portuguese traders as slaves.

We learned from our new friend, John, the the current generation does know about their culture lineage from their past, however mout are more or less very Indian-ized. They live their lives like a born Indian and also speak the Indian languages.

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We exchanged information with John and we plan on going back next year and the next and the next!

After this emotional learning experience with The Siddi People we drove back to Goa. We needed to get some sleep, because the next day we had to catch a flight to Kochi.



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