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So I’m back again with another “expat thoughts”.  This time we will focus on relationships…

Guys – Gentlemen Callers

Don’t you just like the way that sounds?! I mean, why don’t we say that anymore? “Gentlemen Caller”

So it’s not like guys are knocking down my door, but every once in a blue moon there is a guy or guys that you may have a crush on. It’s funny because I was just told that 30-somethings don’t crush anymore, but I do!

It’s like I moved across the waters and BAM, I get messages about “I’ve liked you for a minute now….” I’m like WHAT THE BLOODY HELL?! *le sigh*

Being abroad can bring on all sorts of loneliness, especially in China. It’s not like there are black guys just running around out here.  The ones I have encountered are already married. Here comes the kicker, yet these men (who are most of them are married to Asian women) want to have the company of another woman…a woman of colour.

I have been told on numerous occasions that the marriage to the Asian woman has been for convenience. Convenience? YEP!

I need a Chinese or Hong Kong visa! – marry a Chinese or Hong Kong resident/citizen

I need to start my business! – Chinese or Hong Kong resident/citizen

See even Kevin Hart doesn’t understand…

End the end…

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