Dear Chinese People | Part 2 – Fashion or nah…

Dear Chinese People,

Everyday as I walk these Chinese streets there is one thing that totally confuses me.  I mean I am NOT a fashion guru, but I do know how to properly dress myself.

I am completely aware that what we wear says a LOT about us as an individual. With this being said, some of the “fashion” that I see on a daily basis here is mind boggling.

“The apparel oft proclaims the man.”
-Shakespeare, Hamlet

It’s almost like that the “outfits” that I am seeing is your attempt of what the western world is wearing. All I am asking that you don’t leave China wearing these clothing items.

If you happen to…let’s discuss why you may NOT want to wear what you’re wearing among non-Chinese people.

Let the show begin…

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Two words…PLEASE STOP! 🙂 lol…

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2 thoughts on “Dear Chinese People | Part 2 – Fashion or nah…

  1. These were funny, lol. I love that they give absolutely no f*cks about what ppl think of what they like to wear!

    1. Shooooot! Just wait for Part 3 and the Chinese English translations! 😂 They have no clue that what they may be wearing is crazy! Once you tell them….lol they turn soooooo red.

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