Dear Chinese People|Part 3 – Yes…I’m American

Dear Chinese People,

I thought we talked about this already. Matter of fact I KNOW we talked about this already.  Remember this ——> Dear Chinese People Part I.

This is when I explained that I was NOT born in Africa, but that my ancestors are from there.

Yesterday, I had to have this conversation with my taxi driver, Bill. Even though we had a conversation about where I’m from in the US and that I am first generation American, Jamaican-American, he still thought I was from South Africa.

I showed him SEVERAL pictures of black people.  Some of the pictures were of some that had the same hue of a Chinese person…guess what, he thought they were WHITE!

So sorry sonneth…

It’s ok…sometimes.  I realize that only a small fraction are able to venture out to the “other side” of the world to see that PoC (People of Colour), especially black, people come in different hues.  So here are some pictures of black people….

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Just to let you all know…black people are EVERYWHERE, not just in Africa.


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