My Naija Life Pt 3 – Where are you from?

Welcome one and all to my Naija Life Part 3!

Today I will discuss “where are you from?” and “who are your people?”  This is such a wonderful question because for me it can be answered in many various ways. So let’s get started!



Yes I’m a southern girl. Born and raise, but even here I get questioned if I’m really from Tennessee.


This is something that I have to correct people on ALL the time. Why? Well see, there’s a difference and as an educator let me break it down for you…

  1. North America, Central America, South America
  2. United States of America
  3. Let’s don’t forget our brothers and sisters in Canada. TECHNICALLY they are American too. They are part of the wonderful continent of North America.
  4. OOOOOOH the West Indies/Caribbean they are part of the Americas too!

Ok I’ll let that sink in a bit.

Mind blowing ish here!

Next up…



Before ANYTHING else I am JAMAICAN!  See my roots, my life, my family, EVERYTHING is Jamaica…Jamaican.  From the way I think to the food I eat.  Confused?  Well this is my heritage.  I’m first generation “American”, but that mean NOTHING to me because if ANYONE asks “I am JAMAICAN!”

I remember filling out so kind of form in 3rd grade and it had a box. You KNOW the box the “African American ___”.  My issue was that I couldn’t trace back to Africa but I could to Jamaica.  To me I was/am Jamaican American.  An African American was someone whose was born in the Americas and parents were African.

What I needed was this…


See with this I have the option to choose “Other Black (please specify)”.  Anywho….such is life!



Now that I’m living in Nigeria I mistaken for a Nigerian all the time. Now it’s not just being mistaken for a Nigerian, but I’m mistaken for a Yoruba woman.  Especially when wear traditional wear.

14481910_10102276721329390_1049527008740376716_o   22196050_10103062883394310_6779135134787049824_n


So this is my “where are you from?” and “who are your people?” while living my Naija Life!


Live. Love. Teach. Travel!-2






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