My Naija Life Pt. 9 – Dating Abroad Pt. 5

Welcome to my journey of dating abroad, something new that I started to do.  If you’re just starting to read my saga you may want to begin with  Dating Abroad Pt. 1Dating Abroad Pt. 2, Dating Abroad Pt. 3, and Dating Abroad Pt. 4.

I know it has been a while since I have posted.  I’ve been packing and moving and figuring out life (I will blog about this at a later date).

In the last episode of Dating Abroad, I discussed me joining rejoining the world of Tinder.  Me rejoining this app was based on the advice of a girlfriend.  See she has had such wonderful experiences, so much so that she just recently became a Naija wife and I was one of the two witnesses at her wedding.

So I got on Tinder and met some nice and decent guys, but one guy really took the cake.  We will call him Primo.  Why Primo? Well, he speaks full Italian and he’s the first child of his parents.

First Date

So my first date with Primo was not your typical going out to lunch or dinner or movies.  We actually went to one of his best friend’s wedding.


Now if you don’t know, since being in Nigeria I really didn’t attend church. Why? It was just too much for me…another blog that I see that I need to post. lol

Anyway, I met Primo at the church. First of all, he was late, like 20 mins late. Look, I’m so used to Naija time that his tardiness wasn’t even an issue.  I just sent him a text via WhatsApp letting him know that I was there.

Well, Primo showed up aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand out comes this

  • extremely tall giant guy.  See I’m 5’4 so everyone is tall or a giant to me.
  • very well dressed man. I know it was a wedding and he should be dressed well, but it’s so nice to see a man in a well-tailored suit.
  • dark chocolate attractive man. ENOUGH SAID!

The wedding went well.  Mind you this was the White Wedding, which is your typical church wedding until the reception.  The reception was great.

Good people.
Good food.
Good times all around.

I would give this first date an A.

To be continued…

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