OMG… Adulting is HARD!

My crazy self decided to join a #10DayChallenge for Content Creation. Based on the creator, Kymone Hinds, I’m supposed to not lose me mind or get stressed out. We shall see how that will work out.

So let me tell you this, parents need to really explain to kids how hard “adulting” really is. Like seriously it’s not all about just paying bills and such; it’s about those real life and hard decision making.

Oh if you don’t know what adulting is let me explain.  According the Urban Dictionary, don’t you dare judge me Judgey McJudgey for goign to Urban Dictionary, adulting is…

  • Adulting (v): to carry out one or more of the duties and responsibilities expected of fully developed individuals (paying off that credit card debt, settling beef without blasting social media, etc). Exclusively used by those who adult less than 50% of the time.

ex. I was going to buy a sack of Blue Dream but I finally got my oil changed instead. Adulting!

  • Post adolescence when the light in your eyes fade away and dies.

ex. Adulting sucks!!

Now I will say this, there are a group of people (their names begin with a M) that use this word so much that it’s becoming crazy.  If you don’t beleive me, just check for the hashtag #adulting on Twitter. Like like: “I grabbed drinks with friends but only talked about apartment leases #adulting,” “I have clean laundry!!! #adulting,” and, “I made dinner that wasn’t hummus and baby carrots #adulting.”


The generation that is growing up is being totally sheilded from full responsibilities.  Now, keep in mind it’s not EVERYONE but the majority of them are.

But What Do I Know?!

See I am the product of a Jamaican household.  At the tender age of 15 I had my FIRST job. Like, I was a tax paying citizen of the good old US of A!

Make America….never mind!

I was also dually enrolled in HS and college and had three jobs by the time I was 18.  Honestly, I don’t remeber a time that I was NOT in school and didn’t have at least three jobs.

Of course there wasn’t Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat; buuuuut there was MySpace, BlackPlanet, and Hi5.  Look there you go again, judging me and trying to calculate my age. We didn’t go around talking about tidying our bedroom as an ‘adulting win’ or congratulating ourself (especially on social media) for doing something that we HAD to do.


In the end, everyone has to grow up.  Growing up is inevitable.  So yes we are ALL adulting if we are 18+. But just in case you forget here are somethings that adults do that you DON’T have to let everyone know about.

  1. Change a tire
  2. Change your oil
  3. Control your anger
  4. Start a conversation
  5. Vote
  6. Remember their nephew’s/niece’s birthdays
  7. Buy things in bulk
  8. Have a lawyer
  9. Eat kale
  10. Go to church (at least 1x a year)
  11. get a savings account
  12. Use shapewear
  13. Invest



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2 thoughts on “OMG… Adulting is HARD!

  1. I guess spending the summer with your young cousins has made you reflect on this. So what did yoooooo teach them. Love always U C x

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