You Do NOT Make Me Happy

My crazy self decided to join a #10DayChallenge for Content Creation. Based on the creator, Kymone Hinds, I’m supposed to not lose my mind or get stressed out. We shall see how that will work out.

So last night I was watching an FB Live.  This FB Live was done by a young lady that I have known since grade school.  She is younger than I am and lately, I’ve been watching her grow and mature and I am so proud of her.

Kneicy “Glamgoddess” Johnson is her name. She lives in Memphis and has established herself as a very successful business-woman.  She is a cosmetologist; specializing in hair and makeup.  Her work as a hair stylist and MUA is OUTSTANDING.

Last night her FB Live was a howto on doing a 10 min makeup face (of course most of the people tuning in were women) with the topic of “Beauty of Being Alone”.

How to Be Alone

Loneliness is something that can affect anyone at any time. In this world of posting,

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photo cred:  Association for Psychological Science

sharing, liking, snapping, and tweeting sometimes you may feel like you are “connected” but are you really.

There’s this fear that we are going to be “missing out”. Honestly, no one wants to feel as if they are missing out on things.  Countless photos of happier times, happy couples, friends and family that live far away, and other such things will make it a lot harder to get out of your feelings.

Often times, when we do get in a relationship and are asked what our significant other, does for us, the most common reply is “she/he makes me happy”.  I am not in favour of this answer.

People can not MAKE you happy. People can only add happiness to your life. Getting to Getting to this happiness is different for each person.  Keep in mind that if a person makes you feel happy/sad/mad, then that same person can also make you feel unhappy/less sad/not mad.

That’s not a life worth living.

Remeber: No ONE and no THING can cause you to be happy. It is my belief that what we think about these other people and things around us is what is determining whether we feel happy or sad. We are simply in our “feelings”.

*cues Drakes “In My Feelings” and starts to dance*

Through it, all your personal mental state is ALWAYS important and keep the following things in mind that can help you get through those lonely times…

  1. Embrace a growth mindset
  2. Have a work and life balance
  3. Exercise to boost energy
  4. Create positive memories
  5. Live a “Life of YES

Below is the video that Kneicy did last evening, for your viewing pleasure.

Kneicy “Glamgoddess” Johnson – Facebook
“Makeup Your Mind” – Facebook Fan Page 901-581-6889

Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 1.43.09 PM

Live. Love. Teach. Travel!-2

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